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Missionary Support through Mission Service Corps Funding

Thank you for your interest in helping to financially support a missionary through Mission Service Corps (MSC) funding! Ministry partners like you make it possible for missionaries serving through MSC funding to touch the lives of people all over North America with the good news of Jesus Christ.

To make a donation, click on the "Sponsor Missionary" button to the left.

Why Give?

In 1977, the Southern Baptist Convention established Mission Service Corps as part of our efforts to expand the missionary force to reach the world for Christ. Missionaries who serve through MSC funding make up a team of long-term, self-funded missionaries. By securing their own support for an assigned ministry, these missionaries enable the North American Mission Board (NAMB) to extend its evangelism and church planting efforts.

While the Cooperative Program and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® support many of our Southern Baptist missionaries, these do not provide direct salary support for all of them, nor the expanding need for more missionaries. Though it is not received as direct salary support, all missionaries serving through MSC funding are beneficiaries of the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering®(AAEO) and the Cooperative Program(CP).

The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering® helps to provide Basic Training for all MSC-funded missionaries along with other training opportunities that come directly through NAMB or through our state and Canadian convention partners. In some cases, MSC-funded missionaries also receive ministry assistance funding for evangelistic ministries or church planting efforts from the AAEO. The Cooperative Program is what provides the infrastructure which enables NAMB to provide all the accounting services and processing of contributions from ministry partners in support of missionaries serving through MSC funding without any cost to the missionary or their ministry partners. For ministry partners like you, who give online via credit card donations, the Cooperative Program covers the merchant fee costs as well. While many other mission organizations charge a 10 to 18 percent administrative overhead cost to be withheld from the support raised by the missionary, 100 percent of the contributions from MSC ministry partners goes to the direct support of MSC-funded missionaries.

Like many others, NAMB missionaries serving through MSC funding depend on consistent financial and prayer support of ministry partners to carry on their ministries. You joining the team makes an eternal impact!

To make a donation, click on the "Sponsor Missionary" tab on upper left.

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A Southern Baptist Convention entity supported by the Cooperative Program and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering®
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